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NSSA Events: The DATE and TIME of our next Space Time episode featuring Gen Hyten has been changed to January 22, 2020 at 1:00p.m. via Zoom for Government. If you have any questions please contact Lexie Weikert at

NSSA Space Time: In the latest installment of NSSA Space Time, Ms. Joyce Corell, Assistant Director of the Supply Chain and Cyber Directorate at the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC), offered valuable insight into supply chain risk management for U.S. national security space systems. Watch it here!


Americans depend on the security guaranteed by U.S. superiority in space. From surveillance and missile warning to navigation, timing and disaster management, they help keep us safe. But nothing is guaranteed. It’s time to stand up for our country’s future and defend the national security space domain. NSSA is committed to shaping a vibrant national security space enterprise and cultivating a network that fosters dynamic collaboration for the greater good of our nation and our allies. We believe in supporting and advancing long-term U.S. government and private sector cooperation with independent and trusted perspectives, expert opinion, insight-driven strategy, thought-provoking studies, and data-driven analytics. We’re here to move the needle with industry partners, government officials, colleges and universities, and the public. And inspire the next generation to pursue careers in national security space with our pipeline programs. We will lead the way forward.


The U.S. has invested for over a half-century to ensure world leadership in national security space. While the U.S. still maintains a substantial advantage, that margin has eroded in recent years. Refocusing our efforts to regain those losses is paramount. Industry has always played a vital role in U.S. world leadership in National Security Space and it’s important that we continue to foster its growth. Our nation’s security depends on its reliable and protected space systems and now is the time to work together to lead the way forward.


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