Our Board of Directors is the fuel and fire of the National Security Space Association. These esteemed members bring great knowledge and expertise in supporting the National Security Space enterprise. As we work towards fostering new and exciting relationships that benefit and protect the National Security Space community, our Board of Directors are there to lead the way.

Joe Dodd, Chair of the NSSA Board of Directors, provides NSSA his valuable leadership and knowledge of national security space. In his current position as VP for Corporate Development at Linquest Corporation, Mr. Dodd understands the value of independent thought and leadership. Mr. Dodd has worked at Linquest, a systems integration and engineering company supporting many government space organizations, since 2011. Prior to joining Linquest, Mr. Dodd served in multiple corporate leadership roles in positions at TASC Inc., the commercial remote sensing industry, Hughes Space & Communications, and the Aerospace Corporation. Mr. Dodd will bring to his position as Chair of NSSA’s Board of Directors his valuable experience as an independent leader in the National Security Space community.

Mr. Joseph K. Dodd,

Chair of the Board, NSSA; Vice President, Corporate Development, Linquest

The Honorable Martin C. Faga,

Former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Space) & Director,

National Reconnaissance Office

Marty Faga brings the National Security Space Association his incredible wealth of experience and leadership accumulated over decades of service in government and national security space. From 1989 to 1993, Mr Faga simultaneously served as Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Space) and Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Prior to his roles in the Air Force and NRO, Mr. Faga headed the program and budget staff as a staff member on the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Mr. Faga also held the positions of President and Chief Executive Officer at the MITRE Corporation after his government service. Following his retirement in 2006, Mr. Faga has served on several boards of directors within the aerospace industry, giving him the knowledge to help guide the NSSA Board of Directors into the future.

Jerry Howe provides NSSA with nearly 35 years of experience providing counsel to clients in the aerospace, defense, intelligence, and government services sectors. In his current position, Mr. Howe works for Leidos as Executive Vice President and General Counsel. Prior to joining Leidos, Mr. Howe was a partner at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver, & Jacobson LLP, where he managed aerospace and defense practices. Mr. Howe also previously served as chair of the Washington Space Business Roundtable. As a space leader with years of commitment to providing advice and guidance to the space community, Mr. Howe is a tremendous asset to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Jerry Howe,

Executive Vice President & General Counsel, Leidos

Mr. Steven D. Jacques,

USAF (Ret), Executive Director and Founder, NSSA; Managing Partner, Velos

Steve Jacques, Executive Director and Founder of the National Security Space Association, brings to his role decades of experience in and intimate knowledge of the National Security Space and Intelligence communities. A retired Air Force officer,  Mr. Jacques supported DoD space programs, served as the Secretary of the Air Force’s Congressional Liaison for Space and S&T programs and policies, and served as the Secretary of Defense’s Legislative Liaison for Intelligence, Space, and Airborne Reconnaissance policies and programs. Mr. Jacques is currently a Managing Partner at Velos, where he routinely interacts with space and intelligence leadership in the Executive branch, industry, and Congress. In 2004, Mr. Jacques co-founded the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation, preparing him for his role in leading the National Security Space Association as Executive Director.

Ms. Kay Sears,

Vice President & General Manager, Lockheed Martin; Former President, Intelsat

Kay Sears brings decades of unique experience in the commercial space industry to her position on NSSA's Board of Directors. Prior to joining Lockheed Martin Space Systems as Vice President of Strategy and Business Development in 2016, Ms. Sears served as President of Intelsat General, where she provided sustainable, cost-effective and secure communications solutions to customers in government and commercial industry. Ms. Sears also helped create government services business units at G2 Satellite Solutions and Verestar before joining Intelsat. Previously, Ms. Sears served on the board of the Space Foundation, making her a valuable asset to NSSA's Board of Directors. With her extensive leadership in the aerospace industry, Ms. Sears will be an excellent addition to NSSA's Board of Directors. 

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