NSSA Center for Studies and Analysis

  • Convey an accurate, sober message that resonates across the political spectrum.

  • Serve as the Heart & Soul of NSSA’s thought leadership.

  • Outline national security policy, administration and congressional processes.

  • Leverage NSSA’s deeply talented membership pool and advisors.

  • Act as NSSA’s nerve center for forums, studies and think-pieces. 

  • Address the highly complex issues facing our National Security Space enterprise.

  • Provide independent, thought-provoking studies to foster and illuminate debate topics.

  • Offer the nation’s best data-driven NSS budget analytics - via Mike Tierney.

Congressional Education & Outreach

  • Re-invigorate the Space Power Caucus.

  • Brief congressional staff on space policy and budgeting.

  • Host lunches for MLAs with current and past U.S. Government officials.

  • Actively engage with professional staff.

  • Coordinate with armed services, intelligence and defense appropriations.

Space Cadre Workforce Development

  • Develop Cleared for Success program, a pipeline that will cultivate and employ college students in national security space, government and industry positions, as well as offering SCI clearance at graduation.

  • Start sponsored pilot programs for DoD, IC validated and possibly industry.

  • Institute 5-year plan to employ 100+ students per year.

  • Mentor professionals throughout their careers.

  • Manage space cadre education within industry.