NSSA Names Studies Center in Honor of General Thomas Moorman (USAF)

The National Security Space Association (NSSA), a U.S. trade association devoted solely to the U.S. defense and intelligence space enterprise, has re-named its Studies and Analysis Center the “Moorman Center for Space Studies.” The Center honors the late General Thomas S. Moorman Jr., U.S. Air Force (USAF), who passed away in June 2020.Gen. Moorman was one of the nation’s most influential military space leaders of his generation. The Moorman Center for Space Studies will continue to focus on research and thought papers that address the many important challenges and issues facing the national security space community.

As part of the re-naming, NSSA has unveiled a new logo for the Center. The 7 stars above his portrait signify Gen. Moorman’s family and military career. The top 3 stars represent his family: spouse Barbara, and sons John and Thomas III; the accompanying stars represent his status as a 4-Star General Officer. These elements are combined to create a visual representation that honors Gen. Moorman’s life and legacy.

Gen. Moorman’s career spanned the spectrum of national security space positions including Commander of Air Force Space Command and Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Following his retirement in 1997, he served as a member of Commission on National Security Space Management and Organization, Chairman of the Space Foundation, and Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton. He was also a member of NSSA’s Board of Advisors.

Gen. Moorman was known as a consummate studies master according to NSSA Board of Directors member and former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space and Director, National Reconnaissance Office Marty Faga. He offered, “Tom Moorman followed the Eisenhower method of problem solving by stepping back and taking a broader view in order to see the outlines of a solution.” NSSA pledges to continue this important, thoughtful solutions-focused approach.

Chair of the Moorman Center for Space Studies Chris Williams stated, Gen. Moorman was a giant in the national security space community. It is a great honor and privilege to serve as Chair of the Moorman Center. I will do all in my power to ensure the Center lives up to his high standards of professionalism.

“Throughout the years, Tom Moorman never ceased to amaze me in his ability to handle the most difficult challenges, and he did so with such dignity and honor. His contributions to our nation’s security in space are immeasurable,” stated General (ret) Lester Lyles, NSSA Board of Directors member and former Air Force Vice Chief of Staff.

NSSA is proud to continue the Moorman legacy for future generations. “With sincere thanks to Barbara Moorman and sons John and Tommy for granting us this honor, we embrace this noble responsibility and pledge to maintain the Moorman standards of excellence,” said Steve Jacques, NSSA founder and Executive Director.

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