NSSA Releases Report on Key Principles for Guiding Space System Acquisition Reform and Modernization

ARLINGTON, VA — The National Security Space Association (NSSA), a U.S. trade association devoted solely to the U.S. defense and intelligence space enterprise, today released a report entitled, Acquiring Space Capabilities with Agility and Discipline at the Speed of Relevance. The report, created by the Association’s Studies & Analysis Center, contains sixteen key principles to guide ongoing efforts to reform and modernize the process for acquiring national security space systems.

According to NSSA Studies & Analysis Center Chair, Chris Williams, “The U.S. national security space community has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reform and modernize the space acquisition process. Success in this endeavor will enable the U.S. to sustain its leadership position in space for decades to come, whereas failure could relegate us to the status of a second-tier space power and cede global space leadership to the People’s Republic of China. Recent space system acquisition reform proposals by the Department of Defense hold great promise, but success is only possible through a genuine partnership between the U.S. Government and the private sector. We hope this report will help jump-start a substantive dialogue on this topic among the Defense Department, Intelligence Community, Executive Office of the President, Congress, and U.S. space industry. The Association is pleased to play a role in fostering such a dialogue,” said Williams.

To read the full document, please visit out Publications page on our website!

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