Welcome to the NSSA SpaceLegacy Home Page! The SpaceLegacy Series was created to properly document the historical programs that have molded how national security space is used today. Hosted through Zoom for Government, hear insight from many distinguished Americans who have paved the way for national security space. NSSA is honored to help preserve the important history of our nation’s space and defense programs.

SpaceLegacy: GPS

Moderated by Lt Gen Larry James (USAF, ret), Deputy Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, please enjoy this pre-recorded discussion on the formative years of the GPS program and hear from the following distinguished Americans as they provide us a “first-person view” into the world of GPS:

Screenshot (217).png
  • Dr Bradford Parkinson, PhD, (Col, USAF, ret), noted "Father of GPS"

  • Mr Gaylord Green (Col, USAF, ret), former GPS Program Director

  • Mr Peter Wilhelm, former Director, Naval Center for Space Technology, NRL

  • Mr Edward Lassiter, former Sr Vice President, The Aerospace Corporation

Thanks to the work of these pioneers, the success of the GPS program changed not only the National Security Space Community, but the entire world. NSSA is honored to share, in this first installment of the SpaceLegacy Series, the history of GPS along with insights from these distinguished Americans.