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The SpaceLegacy Series was created to document the people and programs that have shaped how national security space is used today. Via Zoom, in-person events, awards, and ceremonies, NSSA wants to honor the many distinguished Americans who have paved the way for national security space.

NSSA is proud to help preserve the important history of our nation’s space and defense programs.

Honoring Congressman Jim Cooper

NSSA, AIA, and Lockheed Martin Honor Congressman Jim Cooper

On November 29, 2022 the National Security Space Security community came together to honor Rep. Jim Cooper for his enduring contributions to the National Security Space Enterprise.

Leaders from across the National Security Space community, including Rep Mike Rogers, Rep Doug Lamborn, Gen (ret) Jay Raymond, Gen (ret) John Hyten, and other high-ranking officials came together to offer their thanks and congratulations on a job well-done by Rep. Cooper.

Watch the recordings of both Gen (ret) Hyten's and Doug Loverro's remarks about Rep. Cooper below and read the press release now!

Pete Aldridge Lifetime Achievement Award

NSSA Honors Martin C. "Marty" Faga with Inaugural Pete Aldridge Lifetime Achievement Award

On November 14, 2022 NSSA gathered with Marty Faga and his colleagues, friends, and family at the MITRE facility in McLean to celebrate his acceptance of NSSA's first ever Pete Aldridge Lifetime Achievement Award. Speakers, including former colleagues from his time in Congress, the Air Force, NRO, and at MITRE, shared stories and reflected on Marty's many contributions to the National Security Space Community.

Marty was a Professional Staff Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence during the 1980s when then-Congressman Dick Cheney was Chairman.

Later, when Mr. Cheney became Secretary of Defense under President George H.W. Bush in 1989, Mr. Faga was then nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate to be the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Space, while also being Director of the National Reconnaissance Office.

Watch the details

SpaceLegacy: GPS

Moderated by Lt Gen Larry James (USAF, ret), Deputy Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, please enjoy this pre-recorded discussion on the formative years of the GPS program and hear from the following distinguished Americans as they provide us a “first-person view” into the world of GPS:

  • Dr Bradford Parkinson, PhD, (Col, USAF, ret), noted "Father of GPS"

  • Mr Gaylord Green (Col, USAF, ret), former GPS Program Director

  • Mr Peter Wilhelm, former Director, Naval Center for Space Technology, NRL

  • Mr Edward Lassiter, former Sr Vice President, The Aerospace Corporation

Thanks to the work of these pioneers, the success of the GPS program changed not only the National Security Space Community, but the entire world. NSSA is honored to share, in this first installment of the SpaceLegacy Series, the history of GPS along with insights from these distinguished Americans.

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